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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jim Lightfoot photographer

     "Photographer Jim Lightfoot brings the feelings of the true biker to his photographic art. Lightfoot’s work is the mastery of photography combined with the biker lifestyle he lives and loves. A long-time biker himself, Lightfoot (or Foot as his friends call him) has vested himself as one of the worlds only conceptual biker lifestyle photographers. His work is on the edge bringing light into a world that only bikers know. EasyRiders magazine has featured several of his works as their centerfold and his work continues to be published internationally."

Shooting for Easyriders has really been a dream come true for a guy who spent a good part of his life running a power tool, forklift, hammer, ladder, etc. and keeping his ol’ scoot running.

My goal with the centerfold is to be true to those of us who live and breath motorcycles and know that being a biker takes a lot more than just owning a bike and leathers”.

I don’t get too philosophical with the photos. I will say that I only use real bikers. No stand-ins or look-a-likes. Every one of them is a busted knuckle wrencher and a rider.

"The biker lifestyle is hard to describe. A cross between cowboys and vikings maybe with some old fashioned outlaw mixed in there. I've heard some people describe it as an American phenomena like Elvis Presley and hamburgers. Might be some truth to that but it's a lot deeper. You can't go out and buy it. Maybe it shouldn't be described. I can say personally that once you're completely dedicated to it in it's truest elemental form, learn it, live it, love it and bleed for it the rest of the world looks a lot different."

A deal you can't refuse...

   Until Friday March 18, 2011 Easyrider centerfold photographer Jim Lightfoot is offering a 2 for 1 deal on all his prints at jimlightfoot.com. This will not be available to regular users at the website store. To get this deal email Jim which photos you want at James@jimlightfoot.com

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