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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sinister Industries - Choppers, Baggers, parts & apparel

Sinister Industries

Sinister Industries
You've finally found them! The ONLY high strength PPO/PA ABS plastic bags on the market. Don't be fooled by competitors injection molded fiberglass bags or flimsy standard ABS stretched saddle bags! You'll spend hours and lots of money on making their bags straight. Our bags require minor prep for paint application. They are made of the same high strength plastic that Harley makes their stock bags out of. Harley changed to PPO/PA why wouldn't you?
They are super strong yet light weight!  Come in a black plastic finish! These bags use the existing Harley hardware and will bolt on the same way as stock bags. They will work with any fender that allows for stock Harley bags. If you are looking for two-into-one bags check out our PPO/PA saddle bag plugs that were designed specifically for our bags. They can be easily bonded on to our bags so you won't have to go to fiberglass! They sell out fast so order yours today!

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