June Softly

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Living the Life

 For years I have been encouraged to compile a book of these images. I hesitated pursuing a book because I did not want to explain, or analyze my photos. The thrust of this book is a collection of my biker photography accompanied by compatible Sorez s biker poems. Living the Life is a personal view of a biker's existence. Allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions from the material presented. It is not my intention to stereotype the folks in my photographs. This is because all bikers are not alike, but share the same contempt for being categorized.  The photography in this book is editorial in nature. Everyone in this book was photographed with their knowledge, and permission. It spans over 30 years of traveling with hard core bikers. I would like to thank everyone who is featured in this book for their part in preserving our history.

Long May You Ride, Doug Barber AKA Q-Ball

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