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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Christina Paulina ~ Motorcycle Model

     Well it is actually most recently, within the past 2 years, that I earned my wings. I was never much interested in the metal horse until then. I was actually intimidated by its power and had some bad experiences in the past so I pretty much stayed away. On one fateful night in July threw all fear aside and had the time of life! My life has changed more in this short time than it ever has and I like it! That one choice led to others and before I new it I was riding, modeling on motorcycles and volunteering for charities. I met some of the best people I have ever met in my life...people who are "real" and that is so hard to find in the general public! I don't like to talk about myself and the things that I have done but since this is a bio I will mention a few things....Brooklyn Bombshell's is the charity group I volunteer for and we are an awesome group of women who help out people and animals in need, I have done promo work for a local motorcycle magazine Cycle Connections and was on the cover January 2011, and I am currently a Wide Open Girl planning on going to Sturgis for the first time with them this year! I have had the opportunity to shoot with many fabulous photographers in the area including Jim Lightfoot from Easyrider magazine for the April centerspread..he is truly an amazing photographer! Also I have done promo work for Rock Hard girls a local car and motorcycle paint company. I am currently working on a book about my personal experience with domestic violence and I have some other plans in the works (that I dont want to go into detail about but I am working on). I want to help the victims, often including children, to get out of these situations and rebuild their self esteem and rehabilitate their lives. I also want to help reduce the stigmatization surrounding victims. (ie: victims are often viewed as "stupid"for staying and returning to these relationships when the problem has nothing to do with their intelligence.)  
Available for Motorcycle Modeling during events and photoshoots.
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