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Monday, May 9, 2011

Keino Sasaki

Tempting Fate


Home of hand formed, gear driven motorcycles. You are about to experience the world of Keino who takes pride and puts his soul into anything he makes with his own hands. After years of honing skills and developing his own philosophy of motorcycle building with the Late Indian Larry, Keino opened up his own shop in Redhook, Brooklyn New York City.... Read More

Peace & Quiet




Real McCoy

Tequila Sunrise

Blue Bayou

Surprise Present I made for Larry in 2004

Keino taking a spin

Keinosuke “Keino” Sasaki was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan. Just like many other motorcycle enthusiasts, Keino grew up surrounded by motorcycles, mostly his father’s.  He remembers when he was small, he constantly climbed up on dad’s Yamaha 650 and tried to reach the handle bar which is way too far for him to reach.  He remembers that he used to sketch that Yamaha, and he would change the handlebar and seat in the drawing so he could reach.  After years of Keino’s constant attempts of riding dad’s Yamaha, his dad finally gave him a Yamaha 125cc dirt bike. Keino was 11 years old and promised not to ride it on the street. Keino broke many promises, but not this one.  He wanted to keep his bike.... Read More

Too much shiny stuff to clean...

Girls never showed up for my private bikini contest

Keino's favorite Photo, Sturgis '07

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Ken West said...

Looks hard to ride. I don't know about this one.