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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Motorcycles and Guns

Mad Dog Handgun Mount

Moose Racing Official NRA Handgun Mount

Motorcycle Seat with built-in Holster

Harley with a 6 barrel Gatlin Gun attached

Gun Foot Pegs

Gun Foot Pegs

On March 5, 2010, Anthony Graber was riding his motorcycle on Interstate 95, and was confronted by a plainclothes Maryland State Police trooper as he came to a stop at an exit.  Graber had a video camera prominently mounted on his helmet to record his ride, and the camera recorded the officer's actions and statements at the outset of the encounter, which ended with Graber receiving a ticket for speeding.  Five days later, Graber posted a video on YouTube showing the encounter, in which the state trooper leaps out of his unmarked vehicle, not in a uniform, and with his gun drawn, yelling at Graber for several seconds to get off of his motorcycle before identifying himself as a police officer.

On April 7, after seeing the video online, the State Police obtained an arrest warrant charging Graber with a violation of the state wiretap law.  Read More

Cop pulls out gun on Motorcyclist

Discovery Channel: Motorcycle Women: Girls and Guns

Discovery Channel:  American Chopper 5:  Mounting Gun

Form follows Function or Function follows Form
Discovery Channel: American Chopper: Sr vs Jr: A Ton of Guns

Mz Jai Motorcycle Model

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