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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Strokers Custom Bike Builder Dallas TX.

Virginia Chopper

Time Warp

Tattoo Bike pictured with Rick Fairless
SSI Bike
SRV Tribute Bike
Rick's Chopper
Psychedelic Chopper pictured with Rick & Sue
Pam Bike
Mattie's Chopper
Mad Clown
Marine Corps Tribute Bike
Arnott Bike
Bad Pan Bike
Rick's Bagger
Black Bastard
Easy Rider Bike
Janis Bike
Low Blow

Custom Victory

Strokers Dallas Motorcycle Shop, Strokers Ice House Bar & Grill, and Strokers Ink Tattoo & Piercing Parlor are owned and operated by Rick Fairless. His 5 children, Steve, Louis, Chelsey, Lena and Liz are involved in the company operations as are his wife Susan (runs the office), his mom Sharon (everybody just calls her Mom), his dad Ocie, his brother Randy (big shot lawyer), sister Denise & brother-in-law Steve Bessler.  Strokers Dallas opened in 1996, Strokers Ice House opened in 1998 & Strokers Ink opened in 2007. Little did Rick know that his Strokers “Empire” would soon become a World Famous motorcycle destination. Rick built his “Empire” with the belief that if you “Get up early, work hard all day, good things will happen.” So far so good! Rick works 13 hours a day, 8 days a week! Rick does not take days off. We are only closed 2 days a year – Thanksgiving & Christmas Day, & Rick actually works both those days. Figuring those hours, he makes minimum wage. Oh well, he’s happy & living his dream.

Rick & Susan were both born and raised in Irving, Texas. They both graduated from Mac Arthur high school. In 1976 Rick went to work for Roach Paint Company that later became Glidden Paint Company. Rick has been riding motorcycles since he was nine years old. He always dreamed of owning a motorcycle shop. By 1987 he was the #1 paint salesman in the country for Glidden. Rick raised his kids around motorcycles. He had three acres in Irving and lots of room for the kids to learn to ride. Rick bought his son Steve his first bike on his 2nd birthday....  Read More

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