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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

~ Pitoniak Cycle ~ Harley-Davidson/ V-TWIN

The love for the HARLEY DAVIDSON     It's all about the engine!  It's the sound of the V-Twin.  No other motorcycle sounds like a V-TWIN, this is the reason we all ride a H.D./ V-TWIN. The rest of the bike centers around the engine PERIOD!   

Here at PITONIAK CYCLES buildiing engines is not a job its a PASSION there is nothing more beautiful than a well detailed V-Twin engine.  Not a loud gawdy busy paint job that actually can be distracting from the bike if not exectuted properly.  


There is nothing more beautiful than an incredibly detailed bike.  It's all the small details, all over the bike, that show the personality of the owner;  A beautiful engine, the right aircleaner, pushrod tubes, ignition cover, oilpump, rockerboxes, camcover, powdercoated or polished heads, cylinders, cases, mabey diamondcut.

This is what we all enjoy.  It's about the sound, look and feel of riding our bikes and pride of ownership of what we ride.  So, if you are looking for a stock rebuild, high performance work, or you want your engine to be built and detailed like a jewled masterpiece you have come to the right place!  -Rich Pitoniak  :)

The Red Evo



Bore/hone cylinders  .010-.020-.030-.040 .050 .060 = $130.00 pr.

Bore/hone cylinders twin cam  88" to 95"  - 96" to 103" (.125" over) = $240.00 pr.
Cylinders are bored and honed with torque plates.

 Basic valve job includes disassembly of heads,inspect,clean,glass bead,grind valves,cut seats,lap valves to seats, clean and  reassemble with seals .  $175.00
 Additional head work if needed:

Remove & install & hone to fit, new valve guides $20ea
Remove & install new valve seats $30ea
Cylinder head & intake porting =  price varies on port job

Bore engine cases for big bore cylinders= panhead,shovelhead,evo,twin cam $180.00

Machine O.E. Twin Cam heads for compression release valves $150.00

Machine O.E. EVO heads for compression release  valves $ 180.00
Flywheel rebuilding & balancing
These are labor prices for services -not including  cost of parts !
Complete engine building available = stock & high performance
Powder coating service  available
Diamond cut service available
Custom Triple Trees designed & made inhouse for any application

 Rich Pitoniak of Pitoniak Cycles Custom & Speed Shop
will be one of the bike shops competing this year
at Laconias Biker Build Off!

Click Here for more info on

88th Laconia Motorcycle Week June 11-19, 2011

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Andy said...

I love the before and after pics. Rich did an outstanding job on my old ('77) tired shovel. She runs as good as she looks. See ya at Laconia.