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Friday, July 22, 2011

Jeff Decker ~ Slant Artist

Hi, I'm Jeff Decker. I work for Harley Davidson

The Hill Climber is a 5,000 pound bronze welded sculpture that stands 16 feet tall and was created by Jeff Decker. Decker is a Utah-based artist, historian and Harley enthusiast. This sculpture is an enlarged life and 1/2 size of his original called, By the Horns; a sculpture referencing the similarities of bull riding and the sport hill climbing. This was a somewhat collaborative piece done with painter David Uhl, another artist licensed by Harley Davidson. The rider is shown participating in a sport called hill climbing, popular in the 1920s and 30’s. The figure is free of fear in his eyes as one foot is being swept off the bike and his right arm extends backwards."He is crashing," Decker said of the helmet less young rider. "But every hill climber crashes. It's part of the race." Hill climbers were known to race up hills nicknamed the “widow maker” because of the danger and high rate of injury involved in this sport. The sculpture portrays a vintage Harley rider frozen in a skyward wheelie on a DAH bike, one of only six in the world. A documentation to the artist's friendship with Willie and Nancy Davidson can be seen on the gear drive that is inscribed with "Willie G."  Read More

Pan Devil Red Patina ~ avail. here in brown, polished, black, red
Pan, the Greek God of Mischief, is a limited bronze edition of 100 red patina.  Measures 6" x 3"

Cyclone Motor Head Bronze Buckle  avail here

Flat Head Stainless & Bronze Buckle  avail here

#7 Human Prostetic Eye Bronze & Stainless Buckle
#7 of a limited edition of 9 Bronze and Stainless All Knowing Eye Buckles. 
Each uniquely fitted with a 100 year old human prosthetic eye.  This item is sold out.  more info.

Numbskull Bronze 17  avail here

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Jeff Decker ~ Slant Artist

Club colors just may be the single most dangerous of Jeff's interests.  Having ripped each vest in his collection off a biker's back, no, not really...  Jeff has actually come across these items in a variety of honorable ways.  Read More
My focus has always been on by-gone clubs & telling an untold story.  Because many different clubs shared the same names, on occasion I have come in contact with pieces that tie to currently existing clubs, & have tried to do the right thing by those clubs.
The sad truth is that after amassing as any cuts as I have many wholes are left.  Huge gaps in time lines & history exist regards early 1%er MCs.  I have decided the most truthful story can only be told from the folk that exists in the cuts themselves. 

History is written by the historian, liar or victor, does anyone out there know anything about the DEAD PROPHETS?
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Jeff Decker Patch Collector

On the road
   stop by and say howdy

   When Jeff isn't creating he's out and about, exhibiting or unveiling.  This is your best opportunity to get a good close look at his work, and to talk with him about it, because visits to his studio are by appointment only.

 Black Hills Motorcycle Rally
Buffalo chip Sturgis, South Dakota
August 3 - 9

Visit the blog post by host ~ Michael Lichter

Michael Lichter has put on the finest art shows in Sturgis for years.
I hope I can help him live up the previous successes.
I will bring a good cross section of the art I made over the years, the majority of my motorcycle collection, and some of my favorite bikes built by others.
I have been stubborn, & chosen bikes that may not win beauty contests, but have influenced me.
I will be working on my T.E. Lawerence/Brough Superior SS100 sculpture to pass the time & demonstrate my process.
Please stop buy & say hello.
Cheers, jeff

Other upcoming events include...

Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance
Monterey, California
August 12 - 16

AMCA Blackhawk chapter
(Antique Motorcycle club of America)
40th Annual AMCA Fall National
Davenport, Iowa
September 3 - 5

Interview with Jeff Decker @ AMCA National Swapmeet 2009

Want more info on Sturgis Rally Events?

Jeff Decker ~ Slant Artist

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