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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Ride - Daron Ker - Biker Culture Documentary

I RIDE TRAILER 2012 from DARON KER on Vimeo.
Outtake 2012 Trailer
I Ride - Daron Ker - Biker Culture Film Documentary

Outtake 2
I Ride - Daron Ker - Biker Culture Film Documentary

Outtake 1
I Ride - Daron Ker - Biker Culture Film Documentary


Since The Wild One in the 1950s the world has been fascinated with the mythic culture of the American biker. Who are these people with the loud motorcycles, leather jackets, tattoos, and long beards? Where are they going as they roar through town in large packs? And what do they do when they arrive wherever they're going? I RIDE is the film that finally tells the true-to-life story of the biker community in America. Through the eyes and music of The Fryed Brothers Band, I RIDE will take you on an illuminating road trip through the biker world: bare knuckle fights you actually sign up for, wild bar-b-ques and camp outs, and partying raw and rowdy at some of the biggest hard core biker festivals. This trip will wind up at Sturgis, South Dakota for a Fryed Brother Band performance to end all performances.

The Fryed Brothers Band? They're the best band you've probably never heard of. For 29 years they've been the exclusive house band of America's Biker Movement. Every year The Fryed Brothers headline most of the preeminent biker events in America including the Easyriders Show in Sacramento, CA, Rip's Bad Ride in Irvine, CA, Ghost Mountain Riders Show in Salinas, CA, the Circle of Pride in Iowa, and most importantly, Sturgis Bike Week, the largest gathering of bikers in the world, which completely takes over the small town of Sturgis, South Dakota every August to celebrate this outlaw culture.

When they were young, Harry and Tommy Fryed's older brother Mark died in a accident while riding his beloved Harley. The brother's resolved then to keep Mark's memory alive through a devotion to the motorcycle culture and the music he loved… and thus was formed The Fryed Brothers Band. The song I Ride — a key song in their repertoire and in the documentary — is a tribute to their fallen brother.

I RIDE, the film, is a tribute to their perseverance, dedication and love of all things biker.


Perhaps no one understands the power of the visual language of film better than Daron. As a six year old surviving the hunger and squalor of a refugee camp in Thailand, Daron’s only escape came from American motion pictures projected onto a simple white sheet by aid workers. Fortunate enough to migrate to the U.S., Daron never forgot these indelible images and has since devoted himself to the pursuit of understanding working in this “magic” medium.

In 2002, Daron earned a BFA degree in Motion Picture and Television from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. He went on to carve out a name for himself in the Bay Area’s independent film scene as both a respected director and cinematographer.

Daron is currently producing and directing a film that’s very close to his heart entitled RICE FIELD OF DREAMS. His next three feature documentary film subjects include a legendary rock band NOBODY: THE DOOBIE BROTHERS, latin music movement REVOLUCION POR LA PAZ / REVOLUTION FOR PEACE, and Dr. Charles Hensley story (Zicam) MEDICINE MAN.

Next year Daron hopes to film his first feature length script HOLIDAY IN CAMBODIA. Legendary cinematographer Hiro Narita (Never Cry Wolf, The Rocketeer, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Honey I Shrunk the Kids), I RIDE editor Robin Lee, and Skywalker Ranch supervising sound editor Teresa Eckton are all enthusiastic members of the HOLIDAY IN CAMBODIA team.

Earlier this year Daron completed producing and directing I RIDE, a film about The Fryed Brothers Band and the underground Biker Culture. I RIDE is getting rave reviews, and Daron is looking into finding greater distribution for this film, both online and in theatres.

Daron’s ultimate goal is to one day share his beautiful Cambodian culture with the rest of the world through the magic of film.

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