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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Harley-Davidson Museum ~ 2

By Scott Pearson: i will have a SON...and his name will be EVEL.....

By Greg Masztal: For those bikes supplied without kick start, please follow the following procedures...

By Bret Stillwell: "Whiskey for our men, gas for our horses." --with apologies to Willie Nelson.

By Bill Richlen: Wishing the boys could keep up.

By Patrick Schmidt: Stay clear of the exhaust !!!

By Dale Rasmussen: "Early flat track racer dazed by his hog's leaky exhaust"

American Motor Drome Company  "He's not leaving without me this time"

By Shawn Munroe: I usually only catch catfish here!?!?!?!?

By Bob Kelley: Indian Larry's family tree.

By Bruce Gann: The first Harley-Davidson Methane powered motorcycle - Go Green

By Gene Overhoff: Keep er tween the ditches paw !!

by Jason Johnson: got a white tail with my hardtail

By Dave Pfau: Ok Sonny get me to the park asap....... I have a date with FiFi!

By Connie Pagels: Paws down ,this is the best ride ever !

By Rick Gardner: Unattended children will be given a lamb, a Harley and an espresso!

Harley Davidson Museum "We think these guys are headed to the members party!"

By Michael E Brown: all those cc's and only 1 horsepower

By David Tipton: I don't think we're in Kansas any more...

By Jonathan Hatch: Oh what fun it is to ride on a V-twin open Sleigh!

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