June Softly

Sunday, January 23, 2011


"The art of gun engraving will take a lifetime to master but I have time, patience and perseverance,
 and look forward to being an old-timer in this very elite group of artisans."

"Engravers don't retire. You just get better. You might get crippled; blind, but you never retire."
                                                                                                                                        -Jim Downing

Shooting Events for 2011
Feb. 23-27   Phoenix, AZ---Winter Range
March 18-20  Kansas City, KS--NCOWS National Convention
April  7-10  Oklahoma City, Ok--Land Run
May 26-29   Byhalia,MS--Smokin' Guns at Rabbit Ridge
June 17-19 Cortez, CO--Revenge of Montezuma
June 20-26  Founders Ranch, NM--End of Trail
July 21-24  Pelham, NH --The Great Nor'easter
Aug. 11-14   Middletown, OH--Guns of August 
Sept. 2-5   Port Huron, MI--Wolverine Ranger Range War
Sept. 8-10 Sparta, IL--The US Open
Sept 26-Oct 2 Millmerran, Australia--Chishlom Trail
Oct. 20-23   Branson, Mo-- The Show-Me Shootout
Nov. 3-5 English,TX--Comin' At'Cha

Jim learned by the age of 20 that he was cut out to be a craftsman and has worked for himself ever since. Learning woodworking from his grandfather, a master carpenter, Jim started doing shows in the New Orleans area and soon discovered the art of scrimshaw. By 1980 scrimshaw was a full time occupation and love. Displaying at shows throughout the country his reputation and expertise grew to include silversmithing. A natural progression started from engraving ivory to engraving silver and other metals by hand. Becoming familiar with the gravermeister tool, knife engraving was the next step, as was moving into gun and knife shows. As his confidence with metal engraving increased, engraving firearms became the next focus.

                          Jim Downing The Gun Engraver

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