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Sunday, February 20, 2011

ABATE day at Indiana Statehouse -- Thursday, March 10, 2011

What is ABATE?
ABATE  is a not-for-profit, safety, educational, charitable and advocacy motorcyclist organization. It's aims are to promote safety, protect rights and help others. 
ABATE members ride many different types and brands of motorcycles.  We are all people with a common interest in a common activity - motorcycling.  The fact that we share an interest in motorcycling is more important than the type of motorcycle we ride.

Click here to download a printable flyer with Indiana registration form.

ABATE of Indiana's motorcycle safety program has received numerous national awards of excellence and many of the instructors have received the nation's highest honors. Nearly 70,000 students have graduated since it's inception in 1979. In 1986, the Indiana Department of Education became involved with the program, resulting in a dramatic decrease in motorcycle fatalities which continues today.

ABATE of Indiana has been the driving force in making May "Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month" and is responsible for the distribution of over 500,000 bumper stickers promoting motorcycle awareness.

In 1976 ABATE was responsible for the repeal of the state's mandatory helmet law and continues to defend the equal rights of motorcyclists - preserving their freedom of choice. ABATE of Indiana believes education, not legislation, is the key to creating a safer environment for motorcycling.

In addition to promoting motorcycle safety and education, ABATE has also been involved with collect­ing money for charities and those in need. Over the years, ABATE has raised over $4,000,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association! ABATE has also raised and contributed over $45,000 for individuals and families in times of need. Tons of food and truck loads of toys are donated each year at Christmas time, through toy collection programs. In addition, ABATE has contributed over $50,000 to community charities, and has been instrumental in raising $2,500,000 for Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

"We sincerely appreciate the efforts of those who participate in this grassroots lobbying
 activity to help preserve motorcycling for future generations." -Indiana ABATE   Read More

Indiana ABATE is teamed with Capitol Advantage-
-a private, not-partisan company that specializes in facilitating civic participation.

100 Senators. 435 Representatives. 5 delegates. 1 resident commissioner. 
Find out who represents you on a state and federal level and how to contact them.  

Congress.org is a service of Capitol Advantage.  Congress.org supports users to:
  • Post letters online in Letters to Leaders and read what other Americans are saying to elected officials
  • Create and post Soapbox action alerts to enlist others on your issue.
  • Find and contact local and national media by ZIP code or by state with Media Guide. 

In the United States of America
 State Motorcyclists' Rights Organizations (SMRO) have representation in about 32 states.
25 are "ABATE of (state name)," as well as various other names.

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