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Monday, March 28, 2011

Helrich Custom Cycles ~ Rideable Art

To me, design is the marriage of the art and engineering, to make a form that has a specific function. It should be an elegant and practical solution that also happens to be quite beautiful.  When it comes to building and designing motorcycles, it is an endless series of such designs and decisions.  I think that this process is exactly what makes cars, motorcycles, and other things that go fast so interesting. It is the combination of performance, speed, and beauty. The end result is arresting when done well, and hideous when done poorly. And, that being said, its a deeply personal decision. When I think of great classic cars or bikes, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Each piece equally contributes to the overall aesthetic, without overshadowing other parts, and the whole should look effortless, as if popped into being from ether.

'65 Custom Harley-Davidson Sportster          Rideable Art

'64 Custom Triumph Tiger Bobber          Rideable Art

'70 Custom Triumph Tiger          Rideable Art

'66 Custom Triumph Bonneyville Bobber          Rideable Art

'71 Custom Triumph Cafe          Rideable Art

'72 Custom Triumph Street Fighter          Rideable Art

'71 Custom Triumph Board Tracker          Rideable Art


This street fighter is finally coming together. Since this bike is running without a battery, I decided to tuck the oil filter behind the motor. Its funny that the oil filter is one of those elements that can make people love or hate my bikes. I think leaving them bright orange is a slightly industrial, utilitarian touch that reminds people that the bike is more than really expensive sculpture, and should be ridden. Read More

Thoughts, musings, and frustrations in the pursuit of perfection.
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You've seen my work on this site.
These cycles are produced with the eye of an artist and the craft of an engineer.
They are graceful lines flowing over power.
Each is the cycle I would want.
Is there something more you would want?
Let me know.
Send me your thoughts.

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