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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kenneth Howard "Von Dutch" ~ The Father of Motorcycle Pinstriping

A photo of Von Dutch, 1961     Photo Credit

Atop that helmet is an actual baby’s pacifier that Von Dutch added as a jibe at California’s helmet law.”
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A Cleveland motorcycle hand-painted by Von Dutch   Read More

Motorcycle built by Von Dutch in Tempe '72    Read More

Kenneth Howard - Von Dutch Motorcycle Pinstripe     Read More

It’s a 1959 Moto Guzzi Falcone that was worked on by Kenny Howard     Read More

1957 pre-unit Triumph rebuilt and painted by Kenny Howard aka Von Dutch
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Instead of recapping an already well publicized life story of the legendary Kenneth "Von Dutch" Howard, let’s take a look at the origins and history of Von Dutch’s favorite icon, The all seeing “FLYING EYEBALL”. Read More

In response to your letter and book. First off I have never read any books other than trade manuals-motorcycle engines or guns. I am not nor ever interested in people, only in what they make. When I was in business I gave them some courtesy and did not speak my mind. Now I have know reason to do that. So they get the truth and hopefully they go away. I also not use the telephone either anymore. I use people to make money or to lift heavy things for me. And would just as soon see everything covered in concrete. I don't like mud or keeping care of landscaping. I went through a lot of crap with my wife because I wanted sex. When my kids were in there teens I wasn't to go through all that shit. So I left them completely alone with any pain in the ass relatives. Religion, All of them are bullshit! Happens the Christians are fucking up the world the worst than the others. They are the only one with a healer so they capture sick people more.

So get off of me with it!

Von Dutch
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Andre Insano said...

Love your blog! Interesting writing and awesome pics... keep rocking! Visit mine: http://yamaha-virago250.blogspot.com/

Jesse said...

Unreal, I've seen a lot, and posted a lot of Von Dutch, but you've posted stuff I've never seen! Wow!

I've got a file of more stuff to post, but for now, you can see all the posted things at http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/search/label/Von%20Dutch in particular I was able to photograph a unrestored BMW Von Dutch lettered and striped, it's in that bunch I just linked to