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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sturgis Pictures ~ 3

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Kevin McGlothlin ~ Photographer

"Hopped up on a lethal cocktail of blood pressure meds, ibuprofen, Prilosec and allergy pills I rode into Sturgis South Dakota for the first time. I can’t express the comfort of being around 500,000 or so people just like me. The streets reminded me of Ten Years After’s immortal words “Everywhere is freaks and hairies, Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity.” Bikes of all kinds, mostly Harleys but other kinds too, were nut to butt on the roads and cheek to cheek parked along side. The air hung heavy with smoke, liquor and body odor. There are few places in the world that I can walk into and instantly feel at home and comfortable and the Sturgis Rally just became another one.
Nothing can show the true spirit, emotions or thoughts that went on while walking the streets but here are a few images that I hope show you at least a glimpse of what I saw while I was there.  "

All of these Sturgis Rally 2011 Photographs were taken by Kevin McGlothlin. If you are interested in hiring Kevin to document your next special event, he can be contacted by email at kevinm40@comcast.net or on FacebookSee more of Kevin's work HERE

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