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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Motorcycle Armor

Protect your Ride with Motorcycle Armor

Motorcycle Armor is easily installed at home with a wide variety of kits available for most Harley-Davidson (TM) baggers and trikes. Not only does Motorcycle Armor offer the class leader in paint protection film but it also conceals existing swirls and scratches and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. Every Harley-Davidson (TM) owner wants to keep their ride looking it's best, retaining its original beauty and preserving its resale value.

Motorcycle Armor provides an optically clear film that is easy to install and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. The most popular kit sold is for Harley-Davidson (TM) hard saddlebag lids. This is a common area for passengers to scuff getting on and off a bagger. The lid kit, when installed, will conceal most existing scuffs and scratches and protect the paint from future scratches. The proprietary precision cut film is almost invisible because it is optically clear when installed and cut to fit each specific part.

Every Motorcycle Armor kit comes complete with pre-cut protective film, easy installation instructions, install solution, buffing towel, squeegee and lifetime warranty sticker.

You can see more about Motorcycle Armor including kits available for other touring and trike body parts;

Motorcycle Armor step-by-step easy installation video

Scuffing the new lid with sandpaper

Scratching the lid with a key

Lid completely scuffed

Application of only 1/2 Armor to show the difference

Squeegee during application

Completed 1/2 application

Removal of Armor to show difference

Notice scuffing below (look through film)

Complete Armor application after demo - no scuffing or scratches showing

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