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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Genuine Motorworks

Genuine Motorworks is a one stop destination for Men's American Made Apparel and Accessories for the Motorcycle, Hot Rod and Tattoo Lifestyle. Our goal is to get back to the basics of American Culture and offer quality products and brands that represent the hard work and integrity that America has been built on. Our products include vintage items and collectibles along with new workwear apparel, boots, jewelry and books from American Brands. We will feature an artist monthly that has contributed to the spirit of the American Lifestyle. Read More

Wool Cross Neck

Aviator - bright chrome

One Eye Skull Gear Shifter

Trucker's Wallet

Jumbo Saddle Bag

Hippodrome Belt Buckle

Up in Flames: The Art of Flame Painting by Tim Phelps

Classic Glove with Padded Palm

Biltwell Black

5 Pocket Jean (Wrangler 5 p)

Spine Feel by Verameat  (Unisex necklace.)

Ben Davis Original Work Pant

Cowboy Cut Shirt 1

Ride hard.  Die free  (Hand screen T-shirts)

Schott:  Perfecto Motorcycle Jacket

Ladies Classic Short Wrist Glove

~  Bobby & Elisa Seeger  ~

The collaboration known as "Indian Larry Legacy" was formed in 2004 with one goal in mind, keeping Indian Larry’s memory alive. It was an organization composed of 4 friends and partners of Indian Larry: Paul Cox, Keino Sasaki, and Bobby & Elisa Seeger. Together they produced custom motorcycles, parts, and apparel. In 2008 all partners branched out to follow various independent pursuits in the motorcycle industry.  Read More

Bobby and Elisa Seeger have a business background and after several years of successfully promoting Indian Larry merchandise, they opened Genuine Motorworks which specializes in American Made Accessories.  
In the summer of 2011 their son Aidan was diagnosed with a horrible brain disease called Adrenoleukodystrody (ALD), which is a rare, inherited disorder that leads to progressive brain damage, failure of the adrenal glands and eventually death.  Aidan has a posse ~ Read Aidan's Story


Aidan Has A Posse

Please support in making a difference in Aidan's benefit.  
There are several ways you can help...

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