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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Old School Motorcycles

Retro Chief



Time Bandit Bobber

Time Bandit Classic

Time Bandit Deluxe

Time Traveller Deluxe

At Old School we specialize in individual custom work whether it's a brand new build, on-going additions or repairs to your existing machine.

Servicing can be done for any make or model and for any and all customers in the lower mainland. Our mechanics are fully licensed with vast experience in vintage and modern motorcycle building and repair. They are fully up to date on the latest technology, education and information in the industry.

Service  ~ We have a fully equipped shop with the finest equipment and technology available.
We are proud to offer any level of performance work whether it’s a quick lube, accessory installation, customization or some maintenance lovin' for your ride. All jobs are welcome. We also offer seasonal packages to ensure your ride keeps running in tip top form. Contact us to have your bike tuned up in time for riding season or to winterize.  E-mail the Service Department for an appointment or consultation.

Parts ~ We're here to help you get what you need.
We have a selection of parts in stock, or we can order for you.
Just call and ask for our Parts Department or email us.

Dealer For:

V-Twin Manufacturing
S&S Cycles
Baker Drivetrain
Colony Machines
Kiwi Indian
45 Parts Depot
Nash Motorcycles
Midwest Motorcycle Supply

If a motorcycle was made before,  IT CAN BE MADE AGAIN

That's what Old School Motorcycles is all about. We specialize in building classic American Motorcycles using retro styling and modern technology. No breakdowns, no fuss, no broken hearts.

Our recreations capture the essence of some of the best products of American Motorcycle history before a time of plastics, velcro and die cast pot metal. The idea of owning a vintage classic motorcycle in blindingly new condition is the stuff dreams are made of, until now…

Old School Motorcycles, in any model variation, are built to last using all newly made parts, engines, frames, forks, wheels, electric starters, a modern ignition, a primary drive, clutch and five speed gearbox.

There are no limits to your customized beauty. Your bike, your style, your dream, our magic.

—Old School Motorcycles Inc.

Recreating American icons with modern technology.

Old School Motorcycles

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