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Friday, November 18, 2011

Jesse James

Jesse James

Jesse Gregory James (born April 19, 1969) is an American television personality and previously CEO of West Coast Choppers, a manufacturer of custom-made motorcycles.  James was the host of the reality TV shows Jesse James is a Dead Man on Spike TV and Monster Garage on the Discovery Channel and the focus of the documentary Motorcycle Mania also on Discovery.   Read More

When Jessie James closed WCC ~ West Coast Choppers ~ in 2010 his bikes were described as old school, and minimalist.  WCC bikes have been called more stripped down when contrasted with decades-long established chopper builders like Arlen Ness, that is, a bike with, "not much there but engine, what the law requires, and something to hold onto."  In spite of this characterization, a WCC trademark is the use of 9 mm and .44 Magnum shell casings as purely non-functional decorations, adorning the fuel or oil filler caps or top of the motorcycle's handlebar risers, or elsewhere. The presence of this 20th Century gun ammunition is intended to evoke Jesse G. James' distant ancestor, old west outlaw and gunfighter Jesse JamesRead More

James has since relocated to Austin, Texas, where he’s part owner of Austin Speed Shop where he is a welder/ fabricator who uses his master level skills and discerning eye to teach up-and-coming fabricators at the shop.  He brings many years of experience to Austin Speed Shop that is reflected in their cars.

Jesse's Merc

Jesse's Merc

Jesse's Merc

Half of what you read about Jesse is lies. To find out which half, you’ll want to watch El Jefe in action.

Austin Speed Shop

Whether he’s restoring a classic, or creating a masterpiece Jesse and his crew show you every project, step-by-step; sketching, designing, welding, soldering, fabricating and a whole lot of other verbs. You’ll see every detail, every angle, and every decision along the way.

Off Road Racing

Ride shotgun as Jesse lets it all ride in “hands down the wildest sport in the world.” These behind-the-scenes movies feature Jesse and his crew in the classic struggle; as man and machine pit themselves against mud, gravel, sand, water and nature’s nastiest elements.

Austin Speed Shop

Austin Speed Shop  Bomber Seats

Austin Speed Shop - Fenders

Off Road Racing  Short Course to Baja

Off Road Racing   Around the World


Master craftsman, fabricator, innovator and daredevil Jesse James says “the only way to see the value of my skills is to give them away.” After concluding that he couldn’t fit everyone in his garage, and that only one rider could fit shotgun, he realized that the best way to achieve this was through the power of video.

Visit official El Jefe Entertainment website

There are many videos on YouTube for Jesse James.  Here are some links to some playlists.  Once you play the first video in the SET, then the other videos in the playlist will follow ~ 27 videos, 72 videos and 82 videos ~ respectively.  

SET 1 (27 videos)

SET 2 (72 videos)

SET 3 (82 videos)

This is the 2011 Biker Build-Off result by Jesse James.  See blogpost of Biker Build-Off

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